Grain Fed Beef

Local supplier Kilcoy Pastoral Company is a world-class grain-fed specialist with multiple award-winning beef brands. We stock Kilcoy Blue Diamond, premium100-day grain fed beef; Kilcoy Pure, 100-day grain fed beef without Hormone Growth Promotants; Ebony Black Angus, 100-day grain finished marbled beef; Carrara Wagyu, which has been awarded a range of honours including the Gold Medal for Branded Beef at the 2019 Queensland Food and Wine Show.

Stanbroke’s Diamantina Angus is renowned for its excellent eating quality, consistent marbling and delicious flavour. Young cattle graze on natural pastures for the majority of their lives before moving to a customised feed ration, specifically designed to produce optimum eating quality and enable year round consistency.

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Thanks guys we had our annual company monthly luncheon… Sensational rib eye, scotch fillet, T-bone, rump. See you next time!


Grass Fed Beef

Great Southern is Australia’s largest grass fed program, which enables a consistent supply of high quality meat. These free-range cattle are 100% grassfed and free of antibiotics, added hormones, antibiotics. GMOs. The third-party accredited JBS Farm Assurance Program sets rigorous standards for natural farming, transporting and handling of animals, using RFID for complete traceability. 

Stanbroke’s Flinders Natural grass fed cattle are never treated with any kind of antibiotics or hormones and roam free on some of Australia’s most fertile country. It makes for consistent, high-quality, free-range beef that chefs, retailers and consumers love.

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Wagyu Beef

Carrara 640 Wagyu (has been awarded a range of honours including the Gold Medal for Branded Beef at the 2019 Queensland Food and Wine Show. This magic marble is grown in the Darling Downs and minimum 350-400 day grain fed, creating a buttery texture and intense flavour derived through first-class genetics. As part of KPC, Carrara Wagyu is compliant with AMIC’s Animal Welfare Standards and the National Feedlot Accreditation Scheme.

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Organic Beef

OBE Organic cattle are fully certified organic, grazing on seasonally changing pastures, with over 250 species of native grasses, herbs and succulents on offer. The seasonal characteristics of this pristine land infuse naturally inconsistent flavours into every cut of OBE Organic beef. On farms with few fences, predominantly Hereford cattle follow their natural instincts to roam across millions of hectares of certified organic grasslands. They forage freely all year round as nature intended, with no chemicals, pollutants or hormones.

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I picked up some organic grass fed sirloin this afternoon and it was some of the best steak I’ve ever eaten. I cooked it medium rare and it was juicy and soft like butter. And for the same price that you pay for budget rib fillet at other butchers.


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