What do humans and pets have in common?

We both love meat! We specialise in providing HUMAN GRADE meat at a great price by giving your pets the parts of animals less popular to humans.

We care about what you eat, and that goes for the furry members of your families too.  Just like us, our pets benefit greatly from a well-balanced, natural diet that keeps them energetic, happy and healthy.  Nutrition plays a huge role in their everyday behaviour, quality of life and longevity – exactly the same as their human owners!

Most pets join us at 8 weeks after being weaned from their mothers.  What they are fed and how they are raised during the first 2 years are absolutely critical to their growth and development for the rest of their lives.  The seemingly small but important investment you make early on will save you down the track in unnecessary vet bills and preventable health issues.

Historically, dogs and cats have balanced their mostly carnivorous diet with other nutrients obtained from nibbling on native grasses and eating their herbivorous prey.  While there is some debate about whether dogs are carnivores or omnivores, there is unanimous agreement among the experts that a well-balanced, natural diet is the best option.  Just because they can eat grains doesn’t mean that they should eat a lot of it.

Most importantly, the less processed the food, the healthier it is for them (just like us, again!).

More products

Our pet food range

We are here help you find healthy and affordable options for your beloved pet.  We have developed a select range of raw and cooked foods that incorporate quality animal protein with other nutritional ingredients, and all are gluten-free.

Canine Complete Raw products come in 4 flavours:

Chicken, Beef, Duck, Kangaroo

Cooked Dog Roll products come in 3 flavours:

Chicken & Veg

Chicken & Veg with Beef

Chicken & Veg with Lamb

Other treats include:

Kangaroo Mince in 1 kg or 5 kg bags

Various bones, various mince, chicken frames & wings, pig ears, kangaroo tails

The right food for your pet

We understand that no two dogs are the same and that not all dog foods are equal. As dog parents ourselves, we also know the critical importance of selecting the right food for your dog, and that mysterious letters and numbers are not acceptable ingredients in wholesome food!

All our dogfood products are:



While we have developed these products in good faith and in consultation with pet nutrition experts, please consult your own veterinarian should your pet have a particular health issue or concern.

Always ensure that your pet has adequate water daily along with food and snacks!