Thank you for your enquiry regarding the Spit Roast Hire!  We look forward to helping you with all your Spit Roast needs for your upcoming function.  Our spit roast hire form is available below.



$129.00 Customer Pick Up & Return  OR

$179.00 Fresh Meats to Deliver & Pick Up (within a 30km radius)

$150.00 Deposit – refunded in full if returned in clean, same undamaged condition

$50.00 cleaning fee (only charged if Spit Roast is not cleaned on return

$ Additional cost of meat & other purchases

*** hire costs include a full gas bottle, which does not need to be refilled prior to return. ***

Our staff can stake the meat onto the spit roast bar for you.  So all you need to do is to just place it into the Spit Roast and start cooking!   You are also welcome to thread it on yourself.


Calculating the quantity of meat required to feed your party can be a bit daunting. We are happy to help you work out what is required. As a guideline, we allow 250g per person for boneless meat such as a rolled roast or a piece of meat. Bone in meat such as a whole pig or lamb should be 450g per person.

Lamb, beef, pork and chicken are all good options. With boneless cuts of meat, it is best to keep them all similar sizes so they are ready to serve at the same time. As the price per kilo fluctuates with the market, please contact us for an exact quote with specifics regarding your order.

We will explain how to use the spit and also supply you with a manual which you can also refer to on site. The manual includes a cooking time guide to reach your personal preference – ie. rare, medium, well done.

You can print out and fill in this spit roast hire form and email it to us to book yours today!

Fresh Meats Spit Roast Hire Form