After many requests and much good intention, we are excited to launch Fresh Meats Member Rewards! The best butcher in town can now offer the best rewards program, so that you can quickly and easily earn points for feeding your family!

Click the image above or here to



  • Simple & quick signup 
  • Easy digital card 
  • 1 point for every $1 spent 
  • 10% birthday discount
  • Discount vouchers starting at 500 points
  • Other member-only seasonal offers


  • Register within minutes in store during your next visit to 86 Wises Road. Please ask our staff at checkout.
  • Register directly on the Rewards Program site here


  • You don’t need a physical card – just save it on your phone or Apple wallet or just give your phone number!


Once you have signed up, follow along these easy directions and start earning!


Terms & Conditions

What is the Fresh Meats Member Rewards Program (hereby Fresh Meats Rewards or The Program)?

Fresh Meats Rewards is a loyalty program which has been developed by Fresh Meats Wises Road and is in operation throughout Australia.The Program has been designed to reward your purchase spending with redeemable points once you are fully registered. By signing up as a Rewards member, scanning your Rewards codes in store, adding points to your Rewards account or by using any other Rewards facility associated with The Program, you are agreeing to these Terms & Conditions. All details requested at sign up (name, phone, email, zip code, birthday) need to be provided accurately and completely in order for Fresh Meats to administer the program effectively and for you to enjoy the full benefits.

Where can I redeem my Fresh Meats Rewards Points?

You can redeem your Fresh Meats Rewards Points in store at Fresh Meats Wises Road or via the Fresh Meats Mobile App or Web App.

Is there a maximum number of Fresh Meats Rewards Points?

There is no maximum number of rewards points that you can earn. You may receive additional points on special occasions or for non-purchase activities, including but not limited to, customer reviews, referrals or social media activity.

Will my Points expire?

Fresh Meats Rewards points will not expire as long as there is point earning activity within any three month period. If this policy changes, you will be notified before any changes are implemented. Any unused points of less than 100 points may expire upon revised terms & conditions.

Where can I check my Fresh Meats Rewards Points balance?

You can check the status of your Fresh Meats Rewards points by logging into your Rewards account. Points should accrue automatically but in the event of technical issues, it may take 24 hours for new points to become active in your account.

How do I cancel my Rewards card?

You can cancel your Fresh Meats Rewards card and account by emailing [email protected]. If you cancel your rewards card, your account will also cancel. Upon cancellation, you will automatically forfeit all of your rewards points. Once your rewards account has been cancelled, you will no longer receive any of the benefits from the Fresh Meats Rewards program, including point accumulation.

How will Fresh Meats use my personal information?

Fresh Meats will only collect and use my personal data for internal sales and marketing purposes only. No information will be shared externally. By registering as a member of The Program, collecting points and accessing benefits, you acknowledge that you have read the Fresh Meats Rewards Terms & Conditions, and hereby give access to Fresh Meats to collect and use your personal information for internal sales and marketing purposes only.

Can I opt out of receiving marketing communications from Fresh Meats?

Yes, under Australian law you may opt out of receiving any targeted marketing communications. This option is available in the Settings section of the App. You may also opt in to receiving communications from Fresh Meats at any time ether online via your Fresh Meats Rewards account or in store.