Little Joe Premium Grass Fed Beef In Store!

We are incredibly thrilled to offer our customers the Little Joe range of premium grass-fed beef here at FRESH MEATS WISES ROAD!  Little Joe is an all-natural grass-fed product with a minimum marble score of 4 by AusMeat standards – amazing!  The JBS Farm Assurance programs also guarantees high standards of animal welfare, environmental awareness and workplace health and safety.

Here’s an excerpt from their own website:

“The name Little Joe was inspired by this product’s elusive marble score of four which separates it from the competition.  In the game of craps, achieving a dice roll of four by throwing two twos is colloquially known as a Little Joe.  There is a less than 3% chance of throwing a Little Joe, an uncommon occurrence and near impossible to replicate. Just like our beef.  But that’s how Little Joe rolls.”

We LOVE it and you will too!

To find out more about Little Joe, click here.