Fresh Meats sponsors Family Food Fight on Channel 9

Family Food Fight judges

Check out Channel 9’s amazing new series FAMILY FOOD FIGHT!  Be inspired by 6 Australian families who share their cultural cuisine, favourite family food and all-around cooking prowess.  FRESH MEATS WISES ROAD is a proud sponsor of the show, which aired in late October.  FFF will continue until the end of November.

Vietnamese, Lebanese, Greek, Italian and other Australian families put their skills to the test.   The 5 week season is an incredible showcase of family favourites as well as new achievements.  Host and celebrity chef Matt Moran ably guides the families in navigating the weekly challenges.  Other judges include Anna Polyviou, the mohawked pastry chef extraordinaire.  Masterchef alumnus Hayden Quinn shares his expertise in home cooking.  Tome Parker Bowles is a celebrate food writer and critic who rounds up the 4-person judging panel.

Contestants share their family favourite recipes for you to try.  Click here to view them and more information on the series!  You can also try out our own tried and true recipes from the FRESH MEATS family here!