Maleny Natural Yoghurt 1kg


Yoghurt Natural Sweet
Maleny Natural Yoghurt 1kg


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Maleny Natural Yoghurt 1kg

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Our Gourmet yoghurt is a rich Greek-style yoghurt, sweetened with natural cane sugar.  Made with healthy A, B and C yoghurt cultures, this thick and creamy texture is due to the unique yoghurt-making and filling techniques.

Made slightly different to the Swiss-style yoghurts, the gourmet yoghurt has set, before being packaged with its finely prepared fruit.

Available in Mango, Passionfruit or Natural yoghurt.


Cow Milk, Non-Fat Milk Solids, Sugar, Natural Thickener (Pectin), Live (ABC) Cultures.

How to store:

Store Below 4°C. After opening, seal with lid. For optimum flavour, use within one week of opening.

How to serve:

Eat as it is, or with fresh fruit.

Made in Australia from at least 100% Australian ingredients.